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Our Country Descends Into Darkness
Our Fallen Ascend to Light

- Conrad John Adams, 43, of Greymouth.

- Malcolm Campbell, 25, a Scotsman living in Greymouth, was to marry his New Zealand fiancee on December 18. He had been working in Australian gold mines for two years before moving here.

- Glen Peter Cruse, 35, Cobden.

- Allan John Dixon, 59, of Runanga. Father of two children.

- Zen Wodin Drew, 21, of Greymouth, an apprentice builder.

- Christopher Peter Duggan, 31, of Greymouth, had not been working in mining for very long and had moved from forestry because he wanted a change.

- Joseph Ray Dunbar, from Greymouth, had just turned 17 and was the youngest of the miners. He was meant to start work on Monday but begged to be allowed to begin work early.

- John Leonard Hale, 45, of Ruatapu.

- Daniel Thomas Herk, 36, of Runanga, grew up in Auckland, New Plymouth and Greymouth and had worked in mines a long time.

- David Mark Hoggart, 33, of Foxton.

- Richard Bennett Holling, 41, of Blackball, had been married for just over a year and had been working in the mine for three months as a trainee.

- Andrew David Hurren, 32, of Greymouth.

- Jacobus (Koos) Albertus Jonker, 47, of Cobden, but originally from South Africa, did not like working in the mine because he felt it was unsafe. Reports said he had applied to transfer a day before the explosion.

- William John Joynson, 49, of Dunollie, originally from Australia and had been working for a number of years in NZ and Australian mines. Married father of two.

- Riki Steve Keane, 28, of Greymouth, played first five-eighth for Blaketown seniors.

- Terry David Kitchin, 41, from Runanga, had finished his shift before the explosion, but opted to do two hours overtime.

- Samuel Peter Mackie, 26, of Greymouth.

- Francis Skiddy Marden, 41, of Runanga.

- Michael Nolan Hanmer Monk, 23, from Greymouth, a rugby star who was the son of Coast identities Bernie and Cath Monk.

- Stuart Gilbert Mudge, 31, of Runanga, was originally from Whangarei and moved to the West Coast from Wellington about six months ago.

- Kane Barry Nieper, 33, of Greymouth, was married to the daughter of a local contractor and had a young family.

- Peter O'Neill, 55, from Runanga, a West Coast rugby league identity,

- Milton John Osborne, 54, of Ngahere. A Grey District councillor and "great guy", West Coast MP Chris Auchinvole told TV3's The Nation. "He is a very large gentleman, used to give me good advice during the election campaign. If things got a bit rough he would tap me on the shoulder and say -- 'Chris, mate. You just stay lovely, that's how they want you. I'll do the nasty bits."

- Brendan John Palmer, 27, of Cobden, a former farmer, had been working at Pike River for a few months. His father Marty also worked in the mine, but was on a different shift on the day of the explosion.

- Benjamin David Rockhouse, 21, of Greymouth, brother of Daniel Rockhouse, one of the two surviving miners. Benjamin wrote on his Facebook page just hours before going into the mine that he was sick of being accident prone. His father was a mine safety specialist.

- Peter James Rodger, 40, of Greymouth, was originally from Scotland. A former oil rig worker, he worked as a mechanic at the mine and was stuck underground for eight hours in another mine incident this year.

- Rugby league player Blair David Sims, 28, of Greymouth, married and the father of two daughters.

- Australian Joshua Adam Ufer, 25, was on secondment to the mine. His fiancee Rachelle Weaver is three months pregnant.

- Keith Thomas Valli, 62, commuted each week from his home in Wairio, near Winton in central Southland. Bearing a name long-linked with mining, he formerly worked in a mine at Nightcaps, in Southland. His brother is former All Black, Geoff Valli.

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